October 27, 2013
October 27, 2013 – Source: http://phrontistery.info/

Let’s begin! l created this blog as a fun and interesting method for writing practice. I have always enjoyed writing stories, poetry, arbitrary word-nonsense too. Whether fiction, biographical, prose, or content, until recently I had rarely if ever shared my work with anyone other than family. (And they would only indulge me if I read aloud and they could just listen – and because I usually would offer bribes in exchange).

Now that I have opened the door to my creative center in my brain, I feel it necessary to write often, and write well. Actually, my daughter is writing her piece with today’s F-Word of the Day. As a fledgling and aspiring writer, I feel the beginning (as in this very minute) will show the farouche, unpolished version of myself and my ability. However, with this blog forum I am also free to express my more adult-oriented ideas, and explore new topics normally reserved for mature audiences and participants.

This blog is R-Rated, but could venture into worlds (and rating categories) yet unimaginable for me. My thoughts and past writings have featured mystery, drama, humor, thrills, excitement, sensuality, exploration, sex, passion, and some raw material, and I plan to show more wild creativity here. My other blog focuses on G-Rated subjects.

Who knew blogging could be this much FUN?

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