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Tonight’s F-Word of the Day writing exercise is from the heart, where 24 hours formed new friendships, and we celebrated our moments of glory together. Some of my time spent wishing away the “I can’t believe I just said that out loud” moments.

The Flash It! Online Launch Party consumed every bit of those 24 hours with hardly an idle moment, no opportunity wasted for those of us twitching with the urge to write. Friday and Saturday were perfect, focused on writing, thinking or talking about writing, laughing, eating chocolate Halloween candy to stay awake, while washing it down with mug after mug of strong coffee.

Finally, the end brought a crest of excitement for everyone. Even the neighbors lit up a smoke, fully satisfied with the overall performance and experiences shared.

Dear Members of the Fiction Writers Group, and New Friends:

Our time together was life changing. My soul seems elated and satiated in ways I cannot fully comprehend, let alone try to explain. Just a few short weeks ago, I didn’t share what I have written with anyone other than family. Quite frankly, I published my first blog during a full-blown anxiety attack.

Tonight, thanks to all of you, I am writing with confidence, pride and knowledge gained from winning FOUR brand new books! Someone new emerged from the folds. A better writer indeed. Thank you.

“Don’t be fooled,” Earl whispered to the group. “She was screaming wild banshee when she came out of that closet.”

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