Finding Faith, Freedom and Fortitude



Please God, I pray, now is the time.
Today, will my love spare me the time?
Let him love me again, just a little more time?
To have and to hold me, I’m begging this time.
I’m lost, and scared, and I’m running out of time.
Missing him more, or less? He’s gone all the time.
His kisses and hugs, get shorter each time.
Please let him say “I Love You,” but forever this time.
Betrayed once before, now for the second time.
She holds his heart still, and can have it this time.
I have loved no one else, since the very first time.
But now I am the one out of touch, out of time.
God, please watch over him, the love of my lifetime.
Heal my heart, the wounds cut so deeply this time.
I’m broken and bleeding, but I will heal in due time.
I must love myself first. And my time is now.


3 thoughts on “Finding Faith, Freedom and Fortitude

  1. Sometimes, a simple “like” seems inadequate, even inappropriate, for some posts. You write well, P.C. Shoffner. Anyway, here by way of, where my choice of “Awesome Bio” also seems lacking.



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