Freedom to Express My Soft and Fluffy Self

Feeling the need to express myself tonight…

Reckless Abandon by P.C. Shoffner


How do we go about profiling ourselves? What do we want others to know and ultimately appreciate about us? Words are so fun, yet so damned intimidating.

At last, I think I have found the right words to express my soft and fluffy self.

If you’re looking for Barbie – I ate her for breakfast. (Just kidding. I prefer dark meat).

My friends describe me as fun, witty, intelligent, optimistic and kindhearted. My guiding principle is integrity (how you act when no one is looking). I am honest, almost to a fault. I am bold and beautiful, through and through. I know who I am and what I want. Most people are attracted to my sense of humor (as twisted as it can sometimes be), my easy-going nature, overall lightheartedness and electric spiritual energy.

I am fun to be around and have no problem with making friends socially, professionally or otherwise…

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