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Freedom to Express My Soft and Fluffy Self


How do we go about profiling ourselves? What do we want others to know and ultimately appreciate about us? Words are so fun, yet so damned intimidating.

At last, I think I have found the right words to express my soft and fluffy self.

If you’re looking for Barbie – I ate her for breakfast. (Just kidding. I prefer dark meat).

My friends describe me as fun, witty, intelligent, optimistic and kindhearted. My guiding principle is integrity (how you act when no one is looking). I am honest, almost to a fault. I am bold and beautiful, through and through. I know who I am and what I want. Most people are attracted to my sense of humor (as twisted as it can sometimes be), my easy-going nature, overall lightheartedness and electric spiritual energy.

I am fun to be around and have no problem with making friends socially, professionally or otherwise. I am an eternal optimist and can find the positive in any situation.

And I hate to shop. Sorry, fellas. (No, seriously).

I am a divorced mother of three children – but don’t run for the hills just yet – I’m not looking for a “baby daddy.” Their father is an active and integral part of their daily lives. We shared 15 years of marriage – now we share 50/50 custody weeks. Now, having every other week off from motherhood, I really have some time to explore new relationships.

Honestly, I never thought I would ever be here – single. I was a devoted wife and mother who worked hard to maintain a beautiful home, have fun, set a good example for my children, and gave everything I had to everyone else. Everyone else but me. I learned rather quickly that by sacrificing my happiness for the sake of my family, I wasn’t doing anyone any favors. Ultimately, my (ex) husband found comfort in the arms of another woman (for the second time) and I found comfort in kicking his ass to the curb.

Personal growth. Respect. Honesty. Integrity. Loyalty. Humor. Kindness. Non-judgment. Drama free. These things are all personal qualities I possess, and offer my future partner, and what I will expect in return. I drink on occasion and hope to quit smoking for good someday. My partner will be comfortable leading by example and being a positive role model for everyone else in the family.

If you are an addict or an alcoholic, I’m not the girl for you.

I love to fish, hike and camp, and snuggle next to a warm fire. I am equally comfortable at home and in bed. I love good sex and never claim to have a headache. Actually, orgasm produces oxytocin, which eliminates headaches, so women who claim to have a headache just plain irritate me.

I am looking for romance, chivalry, passion, adventure, a fabulous sense of humor, intelligent conversation, shared interests and a joke (dirty or otherwise) from time to time. I love to have fun, laugh, play, kiss, hug, hold hands, eat great food, enjoy a drink here or there, and make people laugh. I used to be an adrenaline junkie and have gone skydiving, bungee jumping and rock climbing. I don’t do it any more, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t again. I face my fears head on – except for spiders – that would be your job.

I am a pretty good shot when it comes to billiards, but not so much with a .357 – not for lack of trying. I play an average game of chess and enjoy games like cribbage, scrabble, and trivial pursuit. One game of pictionary had me laughing so hard, I farted loud enough for everyone to hear. Now that was fun!

Is it too early to mention power tools?

I live in a small mountain town in Southwest Colorado. I don’t make a lot of money, but I have a job that makes me happy and affords me the opportunity to make a difference in my own community. I am a good listener, attentive, ready to make the quick decision if need be, and can remain calm and resilient in a crisis.

I’m not sure I can successfully navigate a long distance relationship, but I am willing to try. If the opportunity presents itself, and Mr. Right On The Button sweeps me off my feet, relocation is a welcomed possibility.

If you like your women full-figured (soft and fluffy) then please, by all means, inquire within.

© 2015 – P.C. Shoffner

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